Allods Online is a Russian project for those who want to play the domestic World of Warcraft. And although many say that this is a miserable parody and an attempt to cash in on the legendary creation of Blizzard, but the ever-growing audience of Allod fans indicates the opposite! High-quality graphics, an abundance of game classes, many bright events and, most importantly, an atmosphere similar to the spirit of the Russian-speaking community - all this makes Allods online a popular and exciting game.

Despite the fact that the game is positioned as “free-to-pay”, this does not mean that to achieve game success you do not have to do without investing in your character. Of course, you can try to get Allod's gold yourself, but will the result correspond to your efforts and time spent?

Game Features

In "Allods Online" there are many game moments that attract players and make them completely immerse themselves in this fantastic world. So, for example, a key feature of the game is the ability to move around the map not only on foot, but also through the air. You can travel on special ships, both alone and in a multi-seat galleon, which will fit the entire clan. Top ships cost a lot of coins of allods, but what an element of prestige it is ...!

And if your ship is boarded, do not despair - you have a chance to take part in a grand astral battle! The battle will not leave anyone indifferent, because the creators of the game focused on the visual effect. This is an incredibly spectacular PvP confrontation that allows characters to use all their fighting skills to their full potential, hit the enemy with magic prokast and give a salvo from all the weapons of your ship. Naturally, the more gold allods you invest in pumping your character, the more chance you have to emerge victorious from the battle.

Russian culture

An interesting feature of Allods online is that the game clearly shows our, Russian, specifics. So, when choosing different races, you can notice ancient Russian features, and references to the times of the Soviet Union, and even wear game colors of famous football clubs as game attributes.

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About the game:

Developer Allods Team
Release date: 2010-10-21

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