Warframe is an original MMO shooter with slasher elements that won the hearts of millions of gamers around the world with its realism, amazing graphics and the ability to feel like a dangerous ninja superhero saving the world from the invasion of hostile factions.
If you like active, dynamic games, where you could destroy hundreds of enemies with deadly weapons and supernatural abilities, then Warframe was created specifically for you. Of course, in order to feel all the delights of the game, you will have to buy platinum in warframe - game currency, for which you can buy various cool things in the warframe market that turn you from an ordinary character into a merciless vigilante, making your enemies tremble.

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About the game:

The first question that arises for players is: what is warframe? In the game universe, this formidable word, from which it blows with force and powerful energy, means the costume of an ancient warrior of the Tenno race, who for many decades was in suspended animation, but woke up to fight insidious and vicious opponents - Infected, Merchant guild, Race of militarized people etc. The Tenno costume has another name - Exoskeleton, there are at least 16 varieties of the costume. It gives its owner unique abilities and skills, allows you to perform unrealistic tricks, run along walls, jump great distances, dodge enemy weapons, and much more.

You can’t go to the enemy with your bare hands, which means you need to find out as much as possible about the weapons existing in the game. In total there are three types of weapons designed for both close and long-range combat: axes, sabers, swords, completely wild at first glance pistols, maces, daggers, advanced rifles and much more. Becoming a melee or attacking with a range - this is the personal choice of each player, but both options involve a huge number of ways to destroy enemies. You must admit that it is not surprising that the game is so popular - even many girls, not to mention the stronger sex, would love to meet with the enemy in a spectacular battle, deftly wielding a sparkling predatory brilliance with a katana or man-made blades and making unthinkable gestures thanks to a unique costume. But for a good weapon, you need a platinum warframe, which you can buy from us.

Warframe Economy

But in order to always remain invincible, dexterous, fast and futuristic cyberhero fully charged with the latest weapons, one should not forget about regular pumping and modification of your character. And you can’t get new equipment for free on the warframe market. To get an Exoskeleton, paint, weapons and other game attributes, you need to pay a tidy sum to a warframe merchant or skimp in a warframe store.

All purchases are made for the game currency - platinum warframe, which can be purchased exclusively for real, receive as prize money or exchange from other gamers. Warframe platinum is used to buy sets, various weapons, slots, blueprints, paints, mods, to pay for goods in the warframe store, as well as for trade between players.

If we are talking about an impressive amount of warframe platinum, then the most reasonable way would be to buy platinum warframe and upgrade the character. But if you need small amounts, you can try to earn warframe platinum without investing real money. In the world of Warframe, you can accumulate currency:

  • taking part in prize promotions
  • visiting your account regularly for at least a week,
  • periodically reviewing Prime Access.

But you won’t earn much with these simple methods, so buying platinum in warframe remains the most logical and affordable option. Periodically, there are discounts on platinum in the warframe.

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About the game:

Developer Digital Extremes
Release date: 2013-03-27

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How to buy Warframe Platinum:

  • Clarify the operator's presence of Warframe platinum.
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