Rocket League

Rocket League is a video game that combines car racing and soccer. The game features two teams of players who fight each other in a futuristic arena in five-minute matches.


Rocket League is a spirited combination of arcade football, vehicle frenzy, easy controls and physics-based competitive modes. The player controls a supersonic acrobatic combat vehicle with a rocket engine. The goal of the motorist is to hit the ball, the size of which exceeds the dimensions of the vehicle. As in classic football, the task of the automotive footballer is to score goals, with features reminiscent of a devastating derby.

The game was highly praised by critics. In particular, they note the fact that the game is addictive, addictive and fun. The visuals are attractive, detailed and crisp. The gameplay is ideal for quick, short game sessions, making the Rocket League available in Epic Games one of the best options for co-op play.

Team play

The real appeal of the game comes from playing with a solid group of friends. Teams of 4 must work together to achieve victory together.

Players can also change the rules in a variety of ways, including changing the amount of time for each match, the location of the cards, and the number of points required to win.

Rocket League is currently free to download on PC via the Epic Games Store. This is a great way to gather friends and wait for the big releases later this year. Rocket League Credits are used to allow players to unlock and customize the appearance of their vehicles.

It is incredibly easy to play, it doesn't take long to master. The adrenaline that emanates from a goal scored from the top of the arena is unlike anything else. A strategic approach is also possible in the game, because it is important to ideally calculate the moment to snatch the ball from the opposing team, fly into the air for defense, or be within the arena. Rocket League has a lot to enjoy.

In-game economy

Rocket League Credits are a new premium currency that replaces keys, along with an update to the blueprint system. Credits can be used in the in-game store to purchase Rocket League items, in blueprints to craft an item, or to upgrade the Rocket Pass Season Pass to premium.

The set of items available for purchase on all platforms includes combat vehicles, gate blasts, and boosts. You will have access to upgrades for wheels, body, antenna, trails, stickers and toppers. All this together will make your rocket-powered car unique and help you win the match.

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About the game:

Developer Psyonix
Release date: 2015-07-07

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